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Lenon's Mink Super Range All Call Lure 1 oz

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Lenon's Mink Super Range All Call – Mink Lure / Scent

Same thick paste, multiple ingredient formula as Mink #1 with more calling power. This thick and long lasting paste lure contains the mink’s favorite freshly preserved foods blended with secret ingredients, a hint of pure mink glands and an enrager musk from a natural enemy that will anger mink beyond the point of caution.  Many years of experimentation go into this high quality old-time formula!  Superb results at any set, no added bait needed to make it more effective.  This lure will work where others fail! 

Suggested instruction for catching Mink with Lenon's Mink Super Range All Call Lure / Scent:

At pocket sets use a quantity of lure the size of a large bean back in the hole with the same quantity smeared on the upper rim of the hole.  For natural trail sets, use double the amount half way between two sets made some distance apart.  Double the amount of lure used when trapping in extreme cold or In areas with poor visibility.